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We wanted to create SAFER, BETTER and MORE EFFICIENT working conditions for our customers. We’ve designed a series of LED solutions for hazardous locations and demanding industrial applications. Take a closer look to our product portfolio.

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Some Words For Our Clients

We have focused on creating as much added value as possible for our customers. We’ve studied the customer specific needs in Hazardous Locations and provide a complete package that is technologically very advanced but still customer-oriented.

Rainer Rönnback, Marketing Director

Our Principles

Technical Advantage

Latest generation of LED technology with carefully designed cooling for higher efficacy.

Ease of Use

Easier and faster installation for shorter downtimes. Virtually no need for maintenance to maximize toe ease of use.

Long Lifespan

With carefully thought out technical solutions and functional design we were able to combine long lifespan with great light output.

Best People

Business is always between people. We work with the best possible partners and subcontractors. We also want to offer the best possible service. Choose the best people.

Fast Deliveries

Why should you wait 10 to 12 weeks for you products? We are committed to offer faster deliveries than our competition.

Industrial luminaires for hazardous locations!

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