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Exceptional solution for all industrial environments. Mass customizable luminaire to meet all customer needs. Perfect replacement for low bay applications with great efficacy, lifespan and virtually no need for maintenance.

Application: Industrial and demanding industrial environments

Mounting: Ceiling, Wall, Pipe/Pole, Wire


The JUKO® LXi is an industrial version of the JUKO® LX. It shares the same enclosure design but is equipped with more versatile inner components. From industrial halls to pulp factories this is the one and only solution for those who appreciate quality and functionality.


JUKO® LXi can be installed in a vast variety of different industrial environments, up to 10meter. It stays operational in both hot and cold environments. With versatile optical solutions and mounting options it can pretty much be installed where ever needed.


Model Code Power Lumen Output Beam Width Efficacy
JUKO® LB XXXXX Industrial Luminaire LX-XXXXX-XXX 25-80 W 3000-10500 lm 40-120° ~125 lm/W

Technical data

Model Code Lifespan Ambient temperature Weight
JUKO® LB XXXXX Industrial Luminaires LXi-XXXXX-XXX +100 000h @ +25°C -40°C … +60°C 8 kg

Color temperature: 4000 K
Color Rendering index: Ra ≥ 80
IP Classification: IP 67 or IP 66 with Breather Drain
Input voltage range: 67…320 VAC
Frequency range: 50-60Hz

Termination: 3/5 pole push-in terminal
Cable diameter: 8-15 mm
Color: Black / Black
Material: PA6 blend with PC blend cover
Warranty: 1 year, 5 year warranty with product registration

More information

More information will updated very shortly. Meanwhile, please contact us for more specific information.