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Project Description

Brief Info

For the mining industries, especially mining tunnels, we recommend mainly the JUKO® ML. It is the smartest solution for these environments. It can be equipped with multiple add-ons that make it even smarter, like a back-up battery set or an intelligent mesh networking options. We promise that we can offer something different for your mining tunnels.


Tough conditions

In the mining tunnels there can be areas with explosion hazards as well as non-EX areas. For the areas where a hazloc product is needed, a product with the required certificate is needed. In non-EX environments the conditions are still tough. Moist, vibration and impacts offer just a small glimpse to the challenges of these environments. Products must work exceptionally well since no other source of light is available.

JUKO® Products

JUKO® products are designed to operate safely even in the harshest conditions. Our focus was, from the beginning, to create safer, better and more efficient working conditions. We offer the latest technological innovations with our LED products. With the JUKO® ML for the mining environments, we’ve created a smart and powerful package that is filled with additional functionalities.

A piece of BMW?

BMW has created a masterful electrical car, the i8. Our PA6 plastic blend incorporates left over carbon fiber from the manufacturing of this luxury car.

Unique design

We wanted to create something that stands out. We received Fennia Design Prize for our JUKO® HX product family for using functional industrial design. As well as being very functional, it also looks pretty darn good.

Custom made optics

We partnered up with the world renowned LED optics manufacturing company LEDil. Together we created an optical solution that fulfills the 60079-28 standard and allows us to use LED’s that offer an efficacy of 204lm/W.

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