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We want to continue to be the leaders in utilizing the latest innovations and technologies. We are constantly looking for something new to implement in to our existing products and platforms. The latest focus point has been on implementing IIoT solutions in to our LED -solutions. We have come up with some fantastic ideas! Buckle up and stay tuned!

We create innovations for the future. Jukolux is a pioneer in revolutionizing the global special lighting solutions. We are achieving technological breakthroughs that others are only dreaming of. As a company we are born form innovation. All the way from the very beginning our focus has been to create new innovative solutions with the best and finest that technology has to offer. For us, there are no problems only possibilities.

Each year we dedicate funds to research and development activities to support driven innovative people. Our main objective is to be superior in technology together with the world’s leading partners.

Maintaining our position as one of the world’s finest high-end lighting companies requires innovation, leadership, global presence, knowledge and strong local expertise.

Choose the best people to work with you! At the very end it is all about people….

At Jukolux, we are inspired by the future. We see innovation as the key to successfully stand out from the crowd. Our innovative strength is based on focusing on our customers’ needs in an ever-changing global world. All this is made possible with our team of highly skilled employees and in addition, with involving external partners.

We believe that the best innovative ideas are generated in highly diversified, professional and international network. At Jukolux we pursue innovative ideas. For us there is no such thing as “impossible”. The word is not even existing in our vocabulary. Partnerships play a key role in reaching the goals and transforming ideas into facts. Therefore, we involve external partners in our innovation processes and maintain numerous contacts with businesses, universities, organizations and government.

When working together with the bright minds at Jukolux, you know that you´re changing the world.

Together with our selective partners we’ve created a very competitive solution for the “IoT market”. We have not entered the market just to “take part” in it. We’ve created a solution that offers a very unique value to our customers. We are still in the process of evaluating our test locations to make sure that this truly is something different. We want to be the first to show you why the whole IoT is actually as interesting as it sounds. Stay tuned as updates on our solution is dropping very shortly!

Products designed around people is one of the key elements for us at Jukolux. Our aim is to develop products that go beyond our customers’ expectations. Better, more sustainable and integrated innovations for the users. Every site, every case, every customer is different; each with their own needs, challenges, and goals. We strive to address each need, face each challenge, and reach each goal for all our customers. We created a product portfolio that offers a safer, better and more efficient working conditions for our customers.